Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of supply of AVEROX.CO.UK in relation to the provision of Software And IT  Services, Online Marketing Services, CRM & ERP Implementation and Telecom Solutions & Services. These terms shall be deemed accepted by our customers upon their placing an order with us:


By accessing and using this Site (WWW.AVEROX.COM.CO.UK) you agree to be bound by all the Terms And Condition contained and/or any additional terms and conditions set forth on this Site, all such terms shall be deemed accepted by you.

1.  The Project.

1.1  AVEROX.CO.UK shall provide the Customer with Software And IT  Services, Online Marketing Services, CRM & ERP Implementation and Telecom Solutions & Services as detailed in the Specification, in accordance with below defined terms and conditions.

1.2  AVEROX.CO.UK shall provide  services to the Customer when requested by the Customer subject to full payment having been received by AVEROX.CO.UK

1.3  For the avoidance of doubt, AVEROX.CO.UK shall not be responsible under any circumstances for backup and archiving.

2.  The Customer’s Obligations.

The Customer shall:

2.1  ensure that  the customer or its representative will be available as reasonably required by AVEROX.CO.UK and

2.2  use best endeavours to co-operate with and assist AVEROX.CO.UK to such extent as AVEROX.CO.UK may reasonably require to perform AVEROX.CO.UK obligations under this Agreement.

2.3  AVEROX.CO.UK reserves the right to initiate a Change Request if the project is delayed by the failure of the Customer to carry out its obligations under this Agreement or  if the project is delayed by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of AVEROX.CO.UK.

2.4  The Customer acknowledges that all and any Deliverables from AVEROX.CO.UK to the Customer or from a third party contracted by AVEROX.CO.UK in respect of this Agreement are of specific importance to AVEROX.CO.UK meeting the agreed schedule in the Project Plan and accepts full responsibility for any delay in accepting the Deliverables.

3.  Change Control.

 3.1  If a Change Request is agreed in writing by both Parties, the change shall then be deemed to form part of the Specification, Software, Project Plan and/or AVEROX.CO.UK  may charge additional fee for such changes

3.2  AVEROX.CO.UK shall not implement any changes to the Software And IT  Services, Online Marketing Services, CRM & ERP Implementation and Telecom Solutions & Services in a Change Request unless the Change Request has been agreed by both of the Parties in writing or via AVEROX.CO.UK customer support system

4.  Support.

4.1  AVEROX.CO.UK shall provide the Customer with reasonable help desk assistance regarding the installation and use of the Services, and the identification and diagnosis of faults. AVEROX.CO.UK shall attempt to resolve any support questions posed by the Customer.

4.2  Correction of errors or assistance to overcome problems. AVEROX.CO.UK, in its sole discretion, correct errors or can release a new version of the software

4.3  The Customer shall supply in writing to AVEROX.CO.UK a detailed description of any fault requiring support and the circumstances in which it arose, and shall submit sufficient material and information as requested by AVEROX.CO.UK and shall allow AVEROX.CO.UK  to access to the Customer’s systems to enable diagnosis of the fault.

4.4  AVEROX.CO.UK shall use reasonable commercial efforts to communicate with the Customer, by telephone, email, or fax within the following targeted response times, regarding faults that the Customer reports to AVEROX.CO.UK during the working hours.

4.5  AVEROX.CO.UK  shall respond to calls and progress calls during Standard Working Hours.

Where necessary, AVEROX.CO.UK response to a fault report shall include an estimate of how long a problem may take to resolve. AVEROX.CO.UK shall keep the Customer informed of the progress of problem resolution.

4.6  All support shall be provided by electronic or other communication methods.
AVEROX.CO.UK  shall be under no obligation to provide support in respect of:

4.7  Under any circumstances, problems resulting from any modifications or customization.

4.8  Incorrect or unauthorized use of the service or product.

4.9  Any programs or software used in conjunction with the Software which have not been supplied by AVEROX.CO.UK.
Use of the elements of the Software in any combination other than those specified in any operating instructions.

4.10  AVEROX.CO.UK reserves the right to discontinue the Support and Maintenance for any prior version of the Software if a superseding version has been available to the Customer.

4.11 AVEROX.CO.UK  shall not be obliged to make modifications or provide Support in relation to the Customer’s computer hardware, operating system software, third party software or any data feeds or external data.

5.  Warranties.

AVEROX.CO.UK  warrants that the any Software/service  shall perform substantially in accordance with the Specification and
AVEROX.CO.UK  shall not be liable under clause 5 if a failure to meet the warranties set out in it is caused by:

5.1 computer equipment or computer software, other than the Software delivered by AVEROX.CO.UK; or

5.2  modifications or customisation, made by or on behalf of the

5.3   Misuse use of the Software, service or product

6.  Terms of Payment.

With effect from the beginning Acceptance Date each year, AVEROX.CO.UK may increase the Rates in effect during the previous year.

6.1  Refunds.

Our aim is to provide services of the highest quality along with the best technical, sales and information support services. To ensure that our product are just what you need trial version are available you can also contact customer support desk for any further information.

We will be glad to return your investment, providing that:

       6.1.1  Doesn’t function as described or you are not satisfied with our services

       6.1.2  We fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.

       6.1.3 The refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or additional reimbursements.

6.2  Product Return Procedure.

Requests for refunds must be:

       6.2.1  Made within Thirty (30) days of the purchase date (Applicable only Saas Products and/or Services)

       6.2.2  No refund and no claim for Custom Order and/or bespoke development

       6.2.3  Sent via e-mail to our Customer Service Team.

       6.2.4  Please allow us up to 72 hours to get back to you on the problem.

       6.2.5  If a refund is approved, it might take us up to one (1) business day to process it. You will get the money returned in the same form of currency used for the purchase. Purchases with credit cards will be       refunded to the credit card used to purchase the product, and for check and money order purchases a check will be sent.

6.3  Cases ineligible for a refund include.


       6.3.1  The Client refuses to follow the instructions of or doesn’t provide the requested assistance.

       6.3.2   The software/service/product was purchased by mistake or on the assumption that it does something that it is not intended to do.


  • The bug reported was fixed in a newer version than a Client owns, but the Client refuses to upgrade.
  • The problem is caused by Client’s system or network settings, or by any third-party applications or devices.


  • Termination.

This Agreement shall continue until completion of the Project unless either party gives to the other not less than 90 days’ prior written notice of termination or unless the Agreement is terminated in accordance with any of the provisions or clause of this Agreement.