CRM & ERP Implementation

Successful software implementation requires a wide range of services, a high level of competency and the use of a rigorous methodology. Averox team has expertise in technologies required for the deployment of CRM and ERP technologies. Averox offers their great support in all those steps required for the implementation of your project which include:

  • Implementation

  • Consulting

  • Customized Development

  • Post-Implementation Support


It includes all the stages of your project from the definition of the project to the realization of product. It includes:

  • Analysis of product

  • Conception of product.

  • Technical Development

  • Testing

  • Training

  • Management

  • Removing the flaws in implementation

Analysis and Consulting

This is an important step of your project as it defines the efficiency of your CRM/ERP project. The business analyst will first be involved in defining the scope of the project and then he will analyze the needs of the project and document the technical requirements of the project.

Customized Development

The uniqueness of the project can be achieved with the personalized development. Averox will develop your project according to your specifications. This can be done using SDK or .NET technologies.

Post-Implementation Support

Averox has their own technical team that helps the client in maintaining the product after its implementation. This team helps the client in customizations of the product even after the implementation.